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Inspired by our founders Lt. Col. S. S. Khurana and Mrs. Inderjit Khurana "We shall keep looking ahead with a clear vision for the future", for standards of excellence in our educational and social values for a holistic development of our students which shall enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow and good citizens of India.

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Ruchika was the first Preschool to be setup in Bhubaneswar in the year 1978 by Mrs. Inderjit Khurana. The school aims to provide the children a harmonious environment to achieve holistic growth and excellence in their areas of Endeavour's. It initiates a process of confidence building, learning, and exploring which continues all through their lives. After being in Forest Park for over 20 years the school finally came to its final location at Ganga Nagar in 2012. In 2015 Mrs. Leena Khurana took over as the Principal and in 2019 it was merged into Ruchika High School.

Ruchika Social Service

Ruchika High School is one of the popular schools in India The School has been recognized by Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations. This School has an excellent academic track record. The focus of the Ruchika School Social Service Wing is the child in difficult circumstances — the working child, on the street and in the slums, abandoned and destitute. The uniqueness of this programme lies in the fact that a so called elitist school stretched out its expertise in education to children in a novel innovative way, using the minimum of equipment, purloining only existing public infrastructure — temple platform, market square, roadsides et alia, to make literacy a reality for 1,700 deprived children everyday.


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Studies & Curriculum

The course of studies will extend from PN to Class X and is oriented towards the Indian Certificate Secondary Education (ICSE).

The medium of instruction is English. A high standard of English is necessary for success in the ICSE. However, Hindi and Oriya have a vital role in the curriculum. Hindi and Oriya are compulsory in all classes up to Class VII. In class VIII the student chooses between Hindi and Oriya as the second language.

Regular attendance, alertness in class, performance of regular class work and revision are sufficient to make progress. Parents can make the class teaching even more valuable if they speak English to their wards at home. English is the medium of instruction.

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